10 Tiny Tricks to Speed Up Your Pharmacy Workflow

How many days this week have you had to skip lunch because you were too busy to stop for a few minutes and eat a sandwich? Like it or not, this is a common occurrence in the industry, especially for smaller pharmacies who only have a single pharmacist and one tech on staff. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could clear out just a few minutes during the day to give you and your team a break? Well, we've collected some tips that may speed up your workflow just enough to give you that little break you're looking for.

How to Organize your Pharmacy Workflow with Will Call Bin Management

Workflow: every pharmacy has one whether they know it or not. It’s the path that a prescription travels as it moves through your pharmacy. If you’re aware of your workflow, you know that in a fast-paced pharmacy environment, workflow organization is important to providing good customer service.