Optimize Prescription Delivery by Leveraging Mobile Technology

When establishing a prescription delivery service it can become pricey: the car, hiring a driver, gas money and other related expenses. It’s natural to want to skip on some things that may seem nonessential until you are more familiar with how it will affect your pharmacy’s revenue. However, one area that you don’t want to skip out on is mobile technology.

Four Things to Consider before Offering Prescription Delivery

Prescription Delivery: Part 1 of 2

Establishing a prescription delivery service for your pharmacy is no small task. You have to purchase a car, possibly hire a delivery technician and determine how you’re going to collect signatures, take payment, advertise your delivery service and figure out a delivery route. Furthermore, you must find people who want to have prescriptions delivered.

The work, time spent, and possibility of investing hard-earned money into a service that may not return revenue into the business can be a deterrent for some independent pharmacy owners. What if you start delivering prescriptions, but it turns out that none of your customers use the service? What if another pharmacy in the area already offers a prescription delivery service?