4 Solutions for Pharmacy Growth Challenges

With more big-name players entering the game every day, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for independent pharmacies to survive in today’s market, let alone grow their business. What’s an independent like yourself to do?

You could sell out to a chain, make a buck, and wash your hands of the whole deal. You could buckle down, work tireless hours, keep doing the same things you’ve been doing for years, and hope that your business grows. If those aren’t feasible options, check out these four ways to overcome your pharmacy’s growth challenges.

5 Innovative Technology Tools to Support Clinical Pharmacy

Independent pharmacists nationwide are being gouged by steep DIR fees. Oftentimes making less on the prescription after claw backs than they paid for the medication. South of an act of Congress, which is happening in some states, your only defense is completing interactions that can boost your star measures. However, not every pharmacy has the resources it takes to focus heavily on clinical.

Pharmacy Technology and Patient Medication Adherence [Infographic]

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