What Makes a Pharmacy Software Partner Innovative?

For years the independent pharmacy industry has been plagued by the growing trend of the big-box retailer. One after another community pharmacies closed their doors, no longer able to compete with the buying power these large chains command. Struggling to survive, pharmacies started branching out, offering specialized services and products not found in the average big-chain pharmacy.

Today, community pharmacy continues to push the envelope, coming up with new and inventive ways to utilize their frequent patient access to improve health while expanding their reach into the healthcare market. This is how community pharmacies innovate.

With each new function performed, pharmacies require a new tool – a way to report, a method of organization, a way to work their new function into their existing workflow. As your pharmacy software partner, it’s important that we innovate to provide you with the tools you need to perform these functions.  

But what really makes a pharmacy software partner innovative?