Pharmacy Label Design: 4 Reasons to Customize


From day one of your pharmacy business you must have labels. They’re required to be on every prescription dispensed and are the primary point of communication to the patient regarding their medications. Printing a label may even be required as part of your board inspection that occurs when applying for a pharmacy license, so needless to say it’s an important aspect of your pharmacy business.

Pharmacy Labels: Thermal vs. Laser Printers


After a patient leaves your pharmacy, prescriptions in hand, what is your core means of communication with them? If you guessed the pharmacy prescription label, you must’ve read the title of this article.

The label tells the patient how much medication to take, when to take it, any warnings or suggestions for medications, how much of the prescription they have and how may refills they have left. When you think about it in these terms, the prescription label communicates a lot of vital information to your customer.