It's Time for Nonstop Consumer Drug Take-Back

On April 27, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) held its 15th National Consumer Drug Take-Back Day. The event was well publicized and  enabled the safe and secure disposal of millions of pounds of expired and unneeded prescription medications. On that same day, data indicates that 192 Americans died from drug overdoses.

6 Ways Your Pharmacy Can Impact Healthcare in Rural Communities

There is a lot of evidence to support claims that rural residents are on average less healthy than urban residents. This health disparity stems from lack of money, access, education, and resources required to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

3 Ways for Pharmacies to Fight Opioid Abuse


Controlled prescription drug (CPD) abuse is a major concern nationwide. According to a statement released by the FDA in 2014, more than 16 thousand deaths per year can be attributed to CPD abuse. Fortunately, awareness has been raised on the issue, and it is being addressed at many different levels: