Changing Pharmacy Delivery Methods

Curbside pick-up and shipping to meet patient demand

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. Daily practices must comply with local ordinances and protect customers from COVID-19. As businesses closed their doors to customers, there is a growing need to adapt through additional services. Pharmacies utilizing curbside pick-up and delivery services during this time can continue serving their patients while protecting their employees and business.

How to Solve the Biggest Problems of Drive Thru Pharmacy

Drive thru capability is a great way to provide convenience to your pharmacy patients, especially those with small children or who have difficulty getting in and out of their vehicle.

However, the drive thru can pose some complications for your pharmacy processes. For example, that one patient who refuses to pull around to wait can really hold things up. Luckily, in many cases there are ways you can work around these issues.

Keep reading to learn how to solve the biggest problems of drive thru pharmacy.