Top 5 Pharmacy Continuing Education Resources

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Apr 18, 2018 9:45:00 AM

As a pharmacy professional you are likely aware of the required continuing education credits you are required by your state board to obtain in order to maintain your pharmacy license. However, are you aware of all the resources available to you to help you obtain those required credits?

5 Resources for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians to Obtain CE Credit

Here are five resources you can utilize to earn those important CE credits, various delivery methods, and pricing information. 

Local Universities:

Local university that offers pharmacy CE classes.

One of the best places to look for continuing education is any local university with a pharmacy program. You can choose the university you graduated from or another.  Universities like Oregon State University offer classes for pharmacists and technicians, which vary based on delivery method, whether it be online or live.

Price varies per university and per class.

Industry Organizations:

Another resource you may not know about are organizations in your industry. For example, Pharmacy Times, a popular industry publication offers a variety of CE opportunities, live and online, to pharmacists and techs.

Price for most online programs is free. Some live meetings charge a fee.

Pharmacy Associations:

Many pharmacy groups and associations offer CE opportunities to their members. APhA, a pharmacy association with over 25,000 members, offers opportunities for pharmacists and technicians. Their classes range from self-paced, online classes to webinars, and they even offer certificate training programs.

Price per class varies with many classes that are free of charge.

Pharmacist working online to complete pharmacy CE credit

Third Party Providers:

There are companies that focus solely on providing CE opportunities. For example, Rx School is the pharmacy branch of AMN Healthcare, offering live and distance CE classes as well as submitting the credit on your behalf.

Price varies around $30 per class or $99 annual membership.

Pharmacy Conferences:

Pharmacy CE class being held in a Conference Classroom

Pharmacy conferences often offer CE classes to their attendees, helping them reach their CE requirements for license renewal. At Idea Exchange pharmacist and techs are offered 6 hours of CE. Classes start the day before the conference and range throughout the conference. All six hours are offered as a $100 add-on to the conference price.

Price varies per conference.

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Have you used any of these resources? What are your favorite ways to earn CE credit? Do you prefer live sessions or online courses? Share your answers in the comments.