Optimize Prescription Delivery by Leveraging Mobile Technology

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Sep 30, 2015 8:33:33 AM

When establishing a prescription delivery service it can become pricey: the car, hiring a driver, gas money and other related expenses. It’s natural to want to skip on some things that may seem nonessential until you are more familiar with how it will affect your pharmacy’s revenue. However, one area that you don’t want to skip out on is mobile technology.

Prescription delivery software can make or break your delivery service. It can be used to increase the efficiency of your pharmacy business, cut down cost and better serve your pharmacy customers.

Here are some ways you can use mobile technology to optimize your delivery service.

Go Mobile

Whether you choose a phone or a tablet, bring your prescription delivery service into the 21st century. When connected to the right software your mobile device can become a mobile POS station, equipped to take payment and collect other critical pharmacy information.

Not only is it more efficient, it’s safer to take credit card payment through a mobile device. Instead of writing down a patient’s card number and keeping it on file or carrying back to the pharmacy to charge them, you can process it right there and email them a receipt. There’s no risk of someone accidentally losing it or it being exposed.

Another great benefit to a mobile POS system is that the delivery driver doesn’t have to carry around a stack of receipts for HIPAA signature. Signatures and other critical pharmacy information can be collected directly on the tablet just like a card reader in the pharmacy.

Map a Route

Some point-of-sale software programs are able to take your delivery addresses and map the most optimized route for your delivery driver. Whether this is something that your point-of-sale software is capable of or not, route mapping is an excellent way to save money and time. If you’re software doesn’t map a route for you, you can go to mapping websites like Google Maps and drop pins on all the locations that you plan to stop before sending your driver out.

Software that maps a route for you may also show which prescriptions have already been delivered. This allows you to keep track of your driver’s progress as well as estimate how long it will take for a questioning patient’s prescription to be delivered. 

Tips and Tricks

  1. Prescription Synchronization. Sync patient prescriptions so that they can be delivered all at once, saving time, money and gas. 
  2. Hands Free Capabilities. Install hands-free capabilities in your delivery vehicle to keep your driver safe without having to pull off the side of the road if they need to talk on the phone.
  3. Video Chat. Don’t miss out on counseling patients just because they don’t come to you. Offer counseling over the phone. FaceTime, Skype or other video chatting services are great for this.

If you want your prescription delivery service to be as streamlined and cost effective as possible, don’t skip on the initial investment in an effective prescription delivery software and corresponding hardware. You won’t regret it!

If you’re interested, we would love to show you more ways that pharmacy delivery software can improve your pharmacy business!

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