Transaction Data Systems Partners with Community Pharmacies to Fight the Opioid Epidemic with Release of NarcFacts

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Through Computer-Rx and Rx30 systems, TDS drives integrated controlled substance alerts and advanced review tools

Ocoee, FL, October 15, 2018: Transaction Data Systems, Inc., the leader in pharmacy management software including Rx30 and Computer-Rx, is helping community pharmacies fight controlled substance abuse with integrated tools to streamline PDMP review.

“The launch of NarcFacts brings an innovative solution to a nationwide epidemic. Community pharmacy is uniquely positioned to impact substance abuse through daily patient engagement. Our pharmacy management platforms now help pharmacies facilitate change within the care continuum,” Jude Dieterman, TDS President and CEO. “It’s tools like these, which integrate PDMP review into the pharmacy’s workflow, that are going to help community pharmacies make a big impact on the opioid epidemic.”

Using the NarcFacts integration, pharmacies are alerted to overlapping pharmacies and prescribers, high doses, duplications or other potential problems directly through their pharmacy management platform. From the alert screen, they can learn more about warnings, access multi-state PDMP data records, and view an interactive prescribing graph and geomap of dispensing history.

“NarcFacts is an innovative solution designed to integrate seamlessly with the pharmacy management software to become part of the pharmacy’s daily prescription filling process,” explains Jeff Pohler, TDS Clinical Services vice president. “If there is a potential problem, the pharmacy is alerted through their pharmacy management system, saving time and effort while ensuring compliance.”

NarcFacts is an exclusive solution available to community pharmacies only through Computer-Rx and Rx30 platforms. NarcFacts gives nearly half of all community pharmacies the opportunity to remain compliant with their state’s reporting requirements without leaving their pharmacy management platform, and, most importantly, the ability to impact lives of patients affected by the opioid epidemic. Visit to learn more. 

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