Independent Owner to Pharmacy Software Provider: History of Computer-Rx

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Aug 29, 2014 1:01:00 PM


Did you know Computer-Rx started from within an independent pharmacy?

The history of Computer-Rx has a very unique beginning. The company was founded in the early 1980s by Roger and Carol Warkentine; evolving from a hobby to a full time career choice.

Roger Warkentine, D.Ph., graduated from the University Of Oklahoma School Of Pharmacy in 1970. Shortly after, he began working for Star Pharmacy, a small regional chain of independent pharmacies. He later worked at Sheen Drug until he eventually purchased Hillcrest Drug in Oklahoma City. Like independent owners everywhere, Carol and Roger worked as a team to help their pharmacy succeed, although it was day to day at times.

Hillcrest Drug was committed to customer service by providing home delivery and a unique front end. The Warkentine’s found their front end niche by selling designer items, like perfume, cologne and watches, while promoting free gift wrap during the major holidays. Busy seasons for this specialty was Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas which gave the community a convenient alternative to the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping.

Soon pharmacies began to install pharmacy management software systems in their stores, and Hillcrest was no different. Roger quickly noticed things in the dispensing software he purchased for Hillcrest Drug that were poor and could be more user friendly. Due to the lack of pharmacist involvement in his purchased software he decided to develop his own to help bridge the gap between development and the pharmacy counter. As the local pharmacy community caught wind of his program, interest grew and word spread quickly of this pharmacist driven technology.

Pharmacy software created by a pharmacist for pharmacists

  • 1988 – With nearly 60 stores using his pharmacy software, Roger sold his pharmacy and took a leap of faith. Married with two kids and a new baby on the way, Roger and Carol started Computer-Rx full time from their home with he and Carol as the only two employees.

  • 1994 – Computer-Rx expands to the first office outside of the Warkentine home and hires its first two employees.

  • May 3, 1999 – Oklahoma City witnessed a massive F-5 tornado move right through the metropolitan area, destroying a large portion of the suburban community of Moore. Computer-Rx was amongst the many businesses and homes that were leveled, leaving nothing but debris.

May 3 Tornado Oklahoma

  • 2000 – Roger begins developing a Point-of-Sale system, later to be known as WinScan. Computer-Rx migrated to a true windows appilcation.

  • 2003 – Computer-Rx moves to the current location.

  • 2011 – Growth continues as a second building was built to house support staff.

  • 2015 – Computer-Rx moves to Moore, OK! The office building will be the anchor of a new development in the heart of the growing Moore community. We are thrilled to make the big move mid-2015!


The main focus and success of Computer-Rx has always been the high level of customer support Roger personally provided to his first customers and has now passed on to all his staff. Computer-Rx’s number one goal is to always take care of the customer and treat them how he would expect to be treated if he still owned a pharmacy. Computer-Rx is fully committed to navigating the future of the pharmacy industry with our customers as we face new challenges. We appreciate all of our pharmacies and are happy to have them as part of the Computer-Rx family!


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