Immunization Reporting Systems: Expectations and Requirements

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Aug 11, 2016 9:20:56 AM


Are you compliant with reporting immunizations to your local or state’s IIS registry?

Flu season is quickly approaching.  If your pharmacy administers immunizations, you know that this is the time to begin gearing up for the influx of patients coming into your pharmacy requesting flu shots.

In preparation for flu season, it’s likely that you’ve come up with a strategy, including ensuring inventory is available, your marketing plan is ready, and you’ve got immunization billing down. The one area that continues to be a burden is on the back end of the immunization process: reporting information to your Immunization Information System (IIS) registry. 

If you are in an area where IIS registry reporting is mandated, you understand the work that needs to be done. The process of reporting each patient to your local or state’s IIS is time-consuming and tedious. You may be concerned about the amount of time you or your employees will spend manually entering the data, whether or not the data entered correctly, or if it met IIS requirements ensuring you are compliant. It’s a lot to be worried about during your most busy time of year.

Local and state IISs are information databases. They are important to record and manage our population health and provide quick and easy patient immunization information.  Immunization reporting is being pushed by many state pharmacist boards and continues to be a key data tool for many healthcare providers and patients. However, the process of entering the data into the IIS continues to be a burden on busy pharmacists. 

A viable solution to this problem is hiring a third party service that can work with your pharmacy software provider to help streamline the reporting process. Services like this can provide solutions that will automatically report your patient’s immunization information directly to your local or state’s IIS as a background process. 

What to expect

Without the help of an immunization reporting company, you or a member of your staff must log in to the correct IIS and input the required information manually before submitting the report. Companies, like Script Management Partners (SMP), work with pharmacies and IIS registries and provide an electronic interface directly into the registry database.

Immunization reporting solutions populate the information needed (i.e. basic patient information, date and type of immunization administered) as it passes through your pharmacy software system. As part of their service, your chosen reporting partner should provide resources and assistance registering with your IIS. Once all of the paperwork is complete, your partner should handle all of the reporting directly from the pharmacy software system.

Once your pharmacy is set up, your patient’s immunization information is sent to the IIS on your behalf.  This process eliminates the time and resources spent manually populating the IIS registry in the pharmacy and allows you to remain compliant with local and state regulations.

How to set up your third party immunization reporting 

The data exchange is setup between your pharmacy software provider, the IIS registry and the reporting company.  If your pharmacy is interested in the service, all you need to do is:

  1. Contact your pharmacy software provider to find out if they interface with any immunization reporting companies. This type of service won’t work without an interface that allows access to patient information.
  2. Contact a member of your chosen immunization reporting company. Find out how their service works and what fees are associated.
  3. Complete the required paperwork and work with this company to get set up on the appropriate IIS.
  4. Your immunization reporting company should notify your pharmacy software provider when setup is complete.
  5. Your pharmacy software provider will then begin sending the appropriate data to the immunization reporting partner, who will complete the reporting process.

As we move into the fall season, your workload will increase because of the high immunization volume that is quickly approaching.  Instead of struggling to keep up with the growing workload, consider a solution that will help ease the strain put on your staff, allowing them to provide superior patient care.

About the Author

Sam Pizzo headshotSam Pizzo, co-founder of Script Management Partners (SMP), has over 22 years of experience working with pharmacies to provide state of the art, electronic pharmacy operations solutions. During his career in the pharmacy space, Sam has worked on automated solutions in support of operational workflow functions such as tracking patient compliance and adherence, as well as implementing compliancy solutions by electronically generating printed forms for items such as Medication Guides and more recently VIS forms. His experience in the pharmacy industry has allowed him the opportunity to see, firsthand, the challenges across the industry and provide solutions that help pharmacies drive additional business while helping to keep operational costs down.  His knowledge and experience has inspired him to provide the latest electronic technology solution for a reporting immunizations to local and state’s Immunization Information Registries (IIS). 


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