Community Pharmacy: Why should we be thankful this year?

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Nov 24, 2016 9:04:35 AM

Happy Thanksgiving!

It easy to forget the good when you’re facing challenges every day. We all know it's true, and it’s the same for your business.

You struggle to keep the doors of your pharmacy open while your already low reimbursements are diminished by undefined fees. You bring healthcare to your community while struggling to work within the multiple regulations that that govern your industry.  You face so many challenges that it’s possible to get lost in it all and forget the best parts of your job and why you do what you do.

Since it’s the season to remember all that we’re thankful for, we've asked a handful of pharmacists and pharmacy owners what they’re thankful for this year. I hope that reading these will help you remember all the good that surrounds you and that which you do in your community every day.


Some pharmacists and pharmacy owners are thankful for the support they receive from their customers, employees, and outside sources.

“I'm thankful for my patients and employees, both groups are dedicated to each other. I'm thankful to those legislators that support independent pharmacy and understand the role that small business and independent pharmacy plays in our communities. I'm thankful for all of our vendors who help to support us and thus our patients and community. Happy Thanksgiving!”

John, Pharmacist - Owner

Orange & Elkton, VA


“We are thankful for our customers who support independent pharmacy even though they could pay less at a chain pharmacy.  We are thankful for our staff who support us day in and day out.  We are thankful for our health and ability to continue to serve others.  We are thankful that God is good and loves us know matter what!”

James and Carole, Owners

Crockett, TX


Some are thankful for their families and the family they’ve created in their pharmacy.

“I’m Thankful for my kids. I appreciate my dedicated customers and I am also thankful for my employees… They are like my second family.”

Cindy, R.Ph.,

Waukee, IA

The Job

Some are thankful for the services they get to provide their community and the partnerships they’ve created with other health professionals.

“I’m Thankful to be able to visit with patients and their therapy. Also, I’m thankful to work with physicians to improve patient’s health.”

Trish Randel, R.Ph.,

Winterset, IA

I hope these kind words bring a smile to your face this Thanksgiving and help you remember what you’re thankful for.

Just in case you were wondering…

I’m thankful for all the pharmacies that participated in this blog. I love hearing your feedback. And everyone here at Computer-Rx is thankful for that all of our community pharmacies allow us to be their partner in patient health.

We wish you all a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!