8 Pharmacy Software Features Free with Computer-Rx

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Jun 22, 2016 8:00:00 AM

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At this year’s annual Idea Exchange user conference, we polled some of our current customers, asking them to tell us their favorite part of Idea Exchange. Our most popular answers were, “To learn about new features in the software,” and, “To learn things about the software that we didn’t know were available.”

WinRx and WinScan were designed to be an all-encompassing pharmacy software solution, so the feature list is pretty long. Installation and training is usually two days, so it’s likely that not all of our pharmacies are introduced to every feature. So just in case you missed one, here are eight commonly forgotten pharmacy software features that come free with Computer-Rx.

Will-Call Bin Management

Never wonder where a prescription is in your workflow. Assigning will-call bins to prescriptions allows a clerk or any staff member to easily locate a prescription at any point in the dispensation process. The bins are also customizable which allows you to create bins for special circumstances (i.e. medication on order, IOUs, contact Dr.)

Prescription Synchronization Management

Fill most, if not all, a patient’s prescriptions at the same time. Using tools such as autofill and cycle settings, this process helps the patient adhere to the prescriptions directions by filling monthly (or every 90 days) so they are encouraged to not miss doses. Using WinRx reporting tools you can locate patients with poor adherence ratings for your program and keep track of your current sync patients’ adherence scores.

Pharmacist Check

This gives the pharmacist the ability to review all aspects of the prescription before it leaves the pharmacy. The pharmacist can review the prescription hard copy to check against the information input into the prescription. Clinical warnings, financial margins, and MTM opportunities can also be reviewed. The pharmacist can print packing slips to group all prescriptions together, so none are missed when scanned at the register. Prescription ready messages can also be sent to customers, so they know when it is time to pick up all their medications.

Inventory Control

After an initial count you can keep accurate track of your medication inventory. You can order from your wholesaler through a direct interface within WinRx and WinScan. This allows you to conduct all purchasing directly through your pharmacy software or point of sale without needing to access additional websites or software.  When the medication arrives you can receive through the system either manually, which would consist of scanning each barcode, or automatically, which will import the information from EDI 851 and add to your inventory count.

Rx Ready Text Messaging

            Prescription ready messages can be sent to customers so they know that they can pick up their medications at their earliest convenience. This usually happens once the pharmacist verifies that the prescription is correct. This can help to eliminate patients waiting in the pharmacy and minimize them calling the pharmacy multiple times to find out if their prescription is ready to be picked up. Text messaging and email are non-intrusive notifications to the customer.

Bonus Feature: If you have a large front end that attracts customers to spend time within your pharmacy while they wait, the Rx Ready Board might be just for you. By using a large LCD TV/display you can display the prescriptions that are now available for pickup for all patients identified with a priority of “waiting”. Along with the HIPAA complaint name listing, you may also use the split screen feature and show targeted ads on half of the screen to promote other items or services within your pharmacy.

Profit Reporting

            Staying on top of your bottom line is one of the biggest tasks you face. Running daily, weekly and monthly profit reports can track the rise and fall of drug costs and third party reimbursements. This information is useful when evaluating ordering and third-party contract negotiations. You can also use this information to identify drugs for which the pricing structure may need to be adjusted to maximize profit.

Shipping Interface

Whether you use FedEx, UPS or the USPS as your shipping provider, you can create shipments and apply shipping charges in one screen. By utilizing the shipping interface, you do not have to open a website and create shipments via an online account or make a trip to the post office to make shipping arrangements. Tracking numbers applied to the prescriptions within the software make for easy access for tracking when needed.

Tech Check

            This feature can catch filling mistakes before the pharmacist is ever involved saving you time and money. The filling tech can review information input at the time of fill and make corrections if needed. This is another check to put in place so that less mistakes make it to your customer. In this industry mistakes need to be few and far between. Also, this could be the last step in your busy workflow that helps you rest easy at night knowing you have done everything you can to provide the most accurate service available to your patients.

If you're interested in learning more about any of the features listed here or any other features available, let us know! We can provide you some resources or get a training session set up for you and your staff!

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