5 Pharmacy Software Features to Improve Customer Service

Alexis Selzler About The Author

Jun 10, 2016, 10:03:37 AM

Pharmacy customer service

Patients coming into your pharmacy could be looking for something different from your pharmacy staff on any given day: a speedy pickup, a treatment recommendation, or a familiar face with a few kind words. These are things that can set your pharmacy’s customer service apart from competitors. There is also another thing that customers in all industries have come to expect as part of good customer service: consistency.

If your pharmacy doesn’t have a good mixture of all of these elements, it’s very likely that they will take their business elsewhere. Instead of letting customers slip through your hands, check out these 5 pharmacy software features that can help to improve your customer service.

Patient Note Fields

Use them! You should be able to put notes on a patient’s profile and a prescription. This allows you to share pertinent information with all other staff members.

Some helpful notes for a patient might be:

  • Patient’s husband, Dave, picks up her prescription.
  • Patient has an adorable dog named Petey. He’s usually in the car and loves treats.
  • Patients have two children that play soccer on Thursdays and Saturdays, so pickups are hard for them on those days.

Prescription notes might look like:

  • Discontinued this medication and started patient on a generic.
  • Patient submitted a coupon for this medication. It can be used for the next three refills.

Notes like these can make a patient’s visit quicker and more convenient (since they don’t have to remind you of that coupon from last time), as well as, more personal. You’d be surprised at how far it goes with a customer that you know a little bit of what’s going on in their life or even with their medication.

Will-Call Bin Management

Want to surprise a patient even more with your staff’s knowledge of what’s going on in your pharmacy? Start assigning bin locations to your prescriptions in your pharmacy software. This is the best way to keep track of a prescription as it goes through your pharmacy workflow.

If a prescription has a bin assigned and your patient arrives checking on the status of their prescription, a quick search will lead your clerk to where the prescription is at in the dispensation process or will-call holding area. This is much quicker than searching each work station and will-call rack for the location of their prescription.

Integrated Point-of-Sale Software

A point-of-sale software that is integrated with your pharmacy management software makes tools like note fields and bin management assignments so useful.

When notes are input or a bin is assigned in your management software, it will also show up in an integrated point of sale as well. This allows your clerk to open just one application with access to all the information they need at their fingertips, expediting the process for your customers.

Pick-up Notifications

Once a prescription has reached a certain point in your workflow process, your pharmacy software will send out a convenient reminder, via text message or email. This lets your customer know they can pick up their prescriptions at their convenience within pharmacy hours, of course.  This feature will absolutely exceed their expectations!

New Customer Letter

How do you welcome new patients in your pharmacy? Send them an email? Write them a letter? Some pharmacy software systems are capable of doing this for you. At the end of each day your pharmacy software will generate a letter to any new patients entered that day. It will print, and you can put a stamp on it and mail it off, welcoming your new customers.

These features should all be available to you in your current pharmacy software program. Incorporating even some of these features into your pharmacy workflow could really up your customer service game!

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