3 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Pharmacy

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Dec 7, 2016 3:00:00 PM


The Countdown to Christmas is on… 

Being in the retail industry you may already be burnt out on the holidays, (for some people, Halloween is enough) but it’s likely that your customers aren’t. So before you go all Grinch on the Christmas cheer in your pharmacy try these ideas to make this a Holly Jolly Christmas for you and your pharmacy patrons!

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Stocking Stuffers

A pharmacy is a great place for Santa to pick up some stocking stuffers and fill your till in the one area of your business where your revenue can't be hurt by low reimbursment rates or DIR fees: OTC Items!

Lip balm, fingernail polish, candy, gum, candles, trinkets, jewelry, makeup, small toys…. If you have an OTC section ,there are most likely a number of items that could be marketed as stocking stuffers. To capitalize on these items, you need to draw shoppers’ attention to them. But how?

Creating a display is the most obvious solution. A stunning display in the middle of your pharmacy or near the check-out counter would definitely draw the attention of your patients. However, creating that display requires a lot of work. Since this is your busy time of year with cold and flu season, it may not be feasible for you to spare a staff member for that kind of project.

Instead, you could make or print “stocking stuffer” tags and place them on your stocking stuffer items throughout the pharmacy. Then, place a sign on your door directing your shoppers to look for the tags for great stocking stuffer ideas.

This process takes much less time than a display, but still effectively calls attention to these items.

Christmas Deals


As you stock your shelves full of Christmas items, you should already be thinking about a markdown strategy. While working for a certain hobby and craft store while in college, I learned that people are way more likely to spend more money on sale items than on regular priced items because they’re getting a good deal. There’s something about that % off sign they can’t pass up.

Putting sale signs on holiday merchandise is a great way to push more Christmas items out the door and earn more money.  

Loyalty Points:

If you have a loyalty program in your pharmacy, you can double reward points to encourage shoppers to purchase your holiday items (including those stocking stuffers). This is a great way to move merchandise before or after Christmas.

Don't have a loyalty program? No problem. It's not too late to start a loyalty program from scratch.


If you’re not ready to put all your holiday merchandise on sale, try rewarding certain patients with coupons for holiday items. Your email list would be a great group for this kind of promotion. You could also try a method many retailers are using to encourage repeat customers.

They give a coupon with each purchase letting the customer know that they can receive a certain amount off a purchase as long as they shop within an allotted time frame, spend the minimum qualifying amount, and are purchasing a regularly priced item. It’s a clever way to bring shoppers back to your pharmacy.

Immunization Update

Even with all the holiday cheer around, you still have your regular pharmacy duties that must be at the forefront of your business. It’s cold and flu season, and there are probably still several people who haven’t gotten their flu immunization.

Grab their attention by updating your flu immunization signs, reminding patients that getting a flu shot is important. Be sure to include times you’re available to give immunizations or let them know to ask a clerk about scheduling an appointment.

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